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  1. Hey Howard & Don,

    I’m putting together a homegrown video for some of our or class of ’73 alums. I’d like to feature “Victory” (because it’s a F%$#@!*^ awesome tune) and want your blessing so your high powered attorneys won’t chase me down and bend me over…

    I’ll post it here: http://horsemountaingrippers.org/
    … and I’ll provide some links to the V-Bros website & facebook.

    Here’s some of our classmates that’s in the vid:

    Butch Mathews
    Danny “Bro”
    Dave Morton
    Dave Murray
    Greg Graham
    Hank Lawrence
    Johnny Walsh
    John Walker
    Matt McDaniel
    Rob Dunaway
    Tom Otto
    Tom Quigley
    Perry Yorks

    How say you?

  2. I heard a song of yours on Pandora Radio and loved it. Went directly to your site and downloaded the CD. Thanks so much for making your music available for FREE! Nothing more motivating to another musician than hearing fresh new music.

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