The Vatcher Brothers – Shovel Don’t Dig No Grave – live in Redwood City 01/09/13

The Vatcher Brothers performing “Shovel Don’t Dig No Grave” live at the Blah Lounge in Redwood City CA on January 9, 2013.

Filmed by Bryan Turner ( Thanks Bryan!

Howard Vatcher: guitar, vocals
Don Vatcher: bass, vocals
Ken Susan: drums


Shotgun don’t go killin’
Shovel don’t dig no grave
‘Til a man get to thinkin’
How his woman misbehave

Judge don’t need no jury
Sheriff don’t need no jail
And a man don’t need to worry
‘Til his woman make him wail

Shovel don’t dig no grave

Rope ain’t on no gallows
Preacher don’t read no rites
‘Til a man start to wondrin’
Where his woman spend her nights

Shovel don’t dig no grave

Worm don’t eat no body
Devil don’t take no soul
‘Til a man’s cheatin’ woman
Make him lose all self-control

Shovel don’t dig no grave

(from the album “Big Mistake” ©2008 Beaternity Records)